Jury Duty

I just got back from Amsterdam, where I helped out with the judging for the Nature and Environment categories of the 2018 World Press Photo contest. The Environment section is new this year.

It was actually my first visit to Amsterdam, though I only really got to see the airport (which is humongous), the hotel, and the office. 

I had a wonderful time, thanks to the terrific team at World Press, and also to my fellow judges Britta and Whitney. Our chemistry was perfect, just the right combination of banter, disagreements and compromise—all managed by the wise hand of David, who was in charge of keeping us in line and on pace to make it through something approaching 10,000 photos. Poor David. He deserves overtime babysitting pay.

If there's one takeaway message I have for anyone thinking about entering this and other photo contests, it's this: Please read the category descriptions and enter appropriate images. I know the category descriptions can sometimes be confusing or not entirely clear, but if you have questions, contact the organisers to see if you can clarify. It's in your best interest, because entering an image into the wrong category substantially diminishes the chances of it being considered.

The judging process for other categories and overall winners is still ongoing. The nominees will be announced on 14 February, and final results on 12 April.

Some photos below, all courtesy of Frank van Beek / Hollandse Hoogte.

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Open for Business

I am launching this new site today. 

I've actually had this domain for ages, I think since the year 2000. I took the previous version of this site down some time after I started my blog, in order to concentrate my efforts on that site, because, you know, I'm a guy. It's difficult to multi-task. (I can see you smirking. You know who you are.)

Last year, a few friends took me to task for not having a readily accessible portfolio of pretty pictures online for general viewing. I am scheduled to see a couple the aforementioned friends later in the year, so I spent much of the holiday season working on this site.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my new site, and I hope you like it. I plan to update from time-to-time, but I'm sure you know what that means. Namely, I'll wait until friends get on my case again, which I have no doubt they will, because, you know, that's what friends are for.

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